Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian cultural tradition that falls somewhere between a martial art and an incredibly complex and improvised partner dance. As in martial arts, everything happens on the spur of the moment, so to play a good game of capoeira, one must be able to take apart and recombine a dizzying number of movements and sequences depending on what your partner is doing and what you would like your partner to do.

I've been training capoeira for 9 years. I did classical ballet for 12 years, and what I learned there helps inform my approach to capoeira. People often see both disciplines as remote, strange, and inaccessible, but this is not the case. Both disciplines can bring a lot of joy into life, and I work to make capoeira more accessible to everyone. Capoeira does not require a certain language, age, sex, body, or level of experience — it is something everyone can enjoy and benefit from. When I teach, I try to offer specific, actionable suggestions, and use demonstrations and descriptive imagery to convey the type and quality of movement I want to see.

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